For most of this blog I have been writing things in chronological order of when they happened. This makes sense in my mind, but as we can see it also means that I will never get to blog the cool new things I’m doing because I will never get to them.

Today I break that trend! Last weekend (yes, that recent!) I was able to cross another fun thing off my bucket list!

May I present, Alice in a Magical Land restaurant!!!


If you have decided to visit an Alice restaurant while in Tokyo, you have several to chose from. Through my research I found that there were 5 spread around the city, so no matter where you are staying it will be easy to find one near to you. I found this website extremely helpful in figuring out which one I wanted to visit, not to mention with an easier to find address!

I decided on the Shinjuku location for a few reasons. First, it was located closest to Yokota Air Base- it is a straight shot on the Chuo line from Fussa Station to Shinjuku. Second, it seemed larger than a few of the others. And third the decor seemed the cutest and most diverse. Cuteness is a BIG factor for me!

Finding this place was nothing short of a Tokyo nightmare. Using the restaurants facebook ( I attempted to navigate us there. After walking around for 20 minutes, trying the maps on apple and android phones and making my husband want to give up and go home- we found it! For those attempting a visit here these are my easy and clear instructions that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

  • Get off the train at Shinjuku station.
  • Walk to the Odaku department store that is attached to the station
  • Take the elevator to B2 (Basement level 2)
  • Walk through the grocery store until you find the stairs leading down to B3 (pro tip:the elevator doesn’t go there)
  • When you reach B3, there is a door, next to it is a map showing about 8 restaurants- you’re still not there yet
  • Go through the door, walk through this room and to the left
  • Go through the next sliding door
  • Take the stairs
  • You are FINALLY at the restaurant!!

The outside of the restaurant is simple. There is a glass case showing all the food offerings and a sliding door that looks like a book.



The Maitre de stands behind a stack of books that is super adorable! You’ll see the hedges from the Red Queen’s garden to your left which are little booths! So cute!!!


Although no one here spoke English it was simple to understand the rules. The restaurant has a cover charge of ¥500 and you have to buy at least one drink and one food item. There is also a 2 hour limit on your “tea party”.

We were seated at a more boring table in the center portion of the restaurant. I was a little disappointed, but in the end it wasn’t bad. Sitting in the center gives you a good vantage point of all the decor.

Our wall faced the outside hallway and had windows that were decorated with floating candelabras, tea pots and dishes. The back wall featured an Alice cartoon motif with hot pink accents in the furniture and drapes. The wall opposite from us was covered in mirror and housed the big heart table. And behind us was the Red Queen’s garden.






The menu was a story book complete with illustrations and was super adorable. I’m not sure if I’d peg Alice as an Italian lover, but the menu was a variety of Italian dishes. We chose two pasta dishes and a flat bread and since I was here with my husband (the World’s most boring eater) we had to order the french fries. We were brought some sort of tomato sauce chicken to start the meal, not entirely sure if we ordered it or if it was complimentary…










The food was okay, nothing to write home about but not bad at all. I mostly enjoyed watching our waitress, whom insisted we call her Alice, walk around and curtsey to all the tables as she helped them. There were several Alices and a few mad hatters.

After dinner we ordered dessert, mainly because I knew how cute they would be! We had the Cheshire Cat’s Mixed Berry Parfait and Alice’s Home Made Gateau Chocolat with Vanilla Ice Cream.





The parfait had brownie, vanilla ice cream, frosted flakes and lots of different fruits. It was topped with a weird croissant thing and whip cream. Very good!

Alice’s Home Made Gateau Chocolat with Vanilla Ice Cream looks like a steak in the pictures, but was basically a brownie with ice cream…tasty none the less!

After dessert we wandered around and took some pictures…








We payed about ¥82,00 (about $70.00) for our evening down the rabbit hole. This included 2 drinks, 2 appetizers, 2 entrees and 2 desserts, plus our cover charge. Really not bad!!!

Once you pay the bill you are given a special gift from Alice. Being the tea lover that I am, this was exciting!


All in all, it was a really fun time!! I’m a firm believer that you have as much fun as you want to, so visit here with an open mind! The people watching and knowing I couldn’t do this anywhere else made it exciting, and as you can see it is super adorable!